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Legility’s Multiple Platform Capabilities

The Challenge: Collect, process, filter and produce relevant files and email communications from seven custodians that fall within a two-year time period. 

The Solution: By taking advantage of Legility’s multiple platform capabilities, employing their filtering and sampling techniques and working out a focused eDiscovery process with the law firm, data was reduced by 99%. 

Legility’s forensic team collected data from multiple computers and laptops, as well as from the company’s email exchange server and shared network. Once the physical media was logged and sealed in our secure vault, forensic copies of the data were created within our electronic, encrypted virtual vault. Legility’s pre-media analysis report provided information on all of the collected information, which directed the file-type and date filtering that we performed prior to uploading the data into the review repository. Because the data was pre-filtered, the client saved money on hosting costs.  

The data was uploaded in two different sweeps, with the first performed on a more cost-efficient platform and the second on a more robust one. This approach, which reduced the volume of data that had to be processed on the more expensive platform, saved the client money while assuring the production yielded highly defensible results. Because Legility has the capability to work with multiple platforms, we were able to choose the best platform to accommodate the various file types, search methods and timeframe required.  


Data taken from individual computers and the exchange server – 152 GB of information, totaling 768,072 documents – was uploaded into an early case assessment and review tool for filtering, searching and first-pass review.  

Legility took random samples from the database to obtain a statistically valid representation of all the material. Additional sampling was done – 10 different batches – to determine key terms, craft strategic searches and hone in on the responsive documents. Legility worked with the law firm to construct their search terms, ensuring that the searches were consistent and constructive, yielding desired results. 

After the searches, the database was reduced to 187,140 documents for first-pass review. 


The second phase of the project included second-pass review, privilege review, an in-depth redaction process, and final production. This phase was handled through a more robust platform, which allowed for easier file handling, greater customization, enhanced functionality, and a larger number of reviewers. Additionally, more document decisions could be made per hour. Legility provided the client onsite training in order to maximize the program’s potential and streamline processing. 

A total of 21,029 documents were uploaded in this phase. This number included documents from Step One that were responsive for second-level review, plus the collection of files from the client’s shared server. 

Legility customized the platform to meet the specific needs of the client’s review, allowing the process to move quickly. As part of this customization, Legility created a method that allowed the privilege log to essentially be created simultaneously with the review, without any manual labor on the back end, which resulted in significant savings in time and expense. 

Ultimately, 5,084 documents were produced for the case, and a privilege log of 922 documents was created. 


  • Data reduction: 99% 
  • Initial data size: 768,072 documents 
  • Final data produced: 5,084 documents 
  • Timeframe: two months with rolling production 

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