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Tags: Healthcare , Managed Review

Iterative and Incremental Review Leads to Maximum Savings and Efficiencies

The Challenge: A Fortune 100 healthcare company was faced with a significant document review of approximately 2.4 million documents within an expedited timeframe.

The Solution: Using agile business processes, the Legility attorney team recommended and performed a step-by-step sampling process that incorporated the initial set of key terms suggested by outside counsel and the client, and applied those terms to sample sets.

Instead of using an army of attorneys to review a corpus of this size and on this timeframe, Legility utilized a team of nine attorneys with specific experience with this client’s matters over multiple years, deployed a defined sampling process, and worked through the sample sets as batched out. The Legility attorney team tagged the documents as either relevant or not relevant, and made comments and suggestions to the technology team, client and outside counsel on possible refinements to consider to improve the effectiveness of the search terms.

Results: Through this incremental and iterative review and release of documents, outside counsel was able to determine the most effective key terms and to demonstrate the steps and process to produce the relevant documents in this case. 

Results included:

  • Legility spent three weeks on the iterative, continuous active learning sampling process, reducing the volume for eyes-on review from 2.4 million to approximately 175,000 documents, saving the client $1-2 million over traditional first-level attorney review approaches.
  • Legility met the review deadline.
  • Litigation counsel stayed in control through the reports generated from the sampling review, and facilitated real-time testing of key terms, key custodians and other data sets to discover the most relevant data for that matter.
  • Identifying the most relevant documents sooner during the review allowed the client and outside counsel to make strategic decisions about the case and to produce key documents earlier in the process.

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