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Tags: Healthcare , Managed Review

Effective Pre-Review Sampling with an Expedited Timeline

The Challenge: A leading healthcare company was faced with a significant document review of approximately 2.5 million documents. Unexpectedly and shortly after the project began, an additional 2 million documents were added to the review corpus.

The Solution: Legility offered to leverage the institutional knowledge and specific experience that its core team of attorneys had gained through their years of working on this client’s matters, and to target the review on those documents most likely relevant to the matter instead of a “brute force” linear review. Using agile business processes, the Legility attorney team recommended and performed incremental reviews of statistically valid random samples before and during the review, and was able to provide supervising outside counsel with key metrics throughout the review to make the most informed strategic decisions on behalf of the mutual client:

  • Provided statistical range of relevant documents likely to be found in the database of millions of documents;
  • Identified the most effective key terms to find those relevant documents and, conversely, those terms or syntax of search terms that generated the most “false” hits;
  • Identified the most relevant custodians; and
  • Identified the large trances of clearly non-relevant material that could be defensibly removed from the review set.

Results: The real-time sampling results and recommendations from this process allowed the client and supervising counsel to confidently target the review and eliminate the unnecessary review of millions of clearly non-relevant documents, saving the client millions of dollars in attorney review and saving months of time in the process.

Additional results included:

  • The documents reviewed were over 57% responsive;
  • Litigation counsel could effectively use the provided data points to give feedback to the Legility attorneys to frequently refine the priorities and focus the review on the most relevant documents;
  • Litigation counsel stayed in control of the project and always knew current status; and
  • The Legility attorney team met an aggressive deadline with a small, focused team instead of using the traditional army of attorneys that might be thrown at a large volume of documents within a short timeframe.

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