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Divestiture Records Clean-Up (Real Estate)

The Challenge: A large utility company needed to review and abstract key data points for recorded easements in a corpus of 10,000 documents, which included more than 6,000 real property parcels identified on 585 maps. The company’s goal – to make documents available for review to a potential buyer – required significant organization and clean-up efforts.

The Solution: Legility’s project managers designed a custom workflow to review and organize the documents with the goal to:

  • Identify each unique real property parcel on 585 maps and abstract information concerning each parcel (6,000+ unique parcels identified)
  • Match easement and other related documents to the specific real property parcel(s) and map(s)
  • Identify and abstract recorded easements (or the best evidence of a valid easement)
  • Organize and relate all documents applicable to a parcel

Results: The Legility review process allowed the client to provide potential buyers with comprehensive records, valid evidence of recorded easements, and organized files of the more than 6,000 real property parcels. This resulted in a timely closure of the divestiture, validating the benefits of an affordable pre-sale review.

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