Data Collection

When litigation happens, our team of certified digital forensic experts ensures that your data is acquired quickly, securely and defensibly. 

Members of our forensics team hold various certifications, including:

  • EnCE (EnCase Certified Examiner) 
  • CCE (Certified Computer Examiner)
  • Advanced HIPAA Training and Certification
  • CCLO (Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator)

Legility offers four primary scalable and integrated data acquisition solutions:

  • Traditional On-Site Collection
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Web Collection
  • Remote Collection Portables

Each of our collection methods maintains security thorough chain of custody records and complete data integrity. Our team is available 24/7, year-round, to offer personalized customer support and extensive, detailed reporting.

On-Site Collection

On-Site Collection

Legility’s eDiscovery team has performed hundreds of data collections and analyses for litigation matters and internal investigations.  Our digital forensic specialists work with your IT department to map data, coordinate custodian collection and completely handle the data acquisition process — both domestically and internationally. We are a Safe Harbor-compliant organization and carry the Safe Harbor certificate.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration

Legility’s Remote Governance and Collection Platform (RGC) remotely identifies, collects, verifies, filters, and transfers eDiscovery data. 


Once our software is installed behind your firewall, our digital forensic experts can log in remotely, giving them the ability to perform forensic data collections from servers, computers, smartphones, tablets, and any other accessible device on the network. We conduct remote collection in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner with minimal demand on your IT resources.


The benefits of enterprise integration include:

  • Verify that data is preserved and protected
  • Reduce subsequent processing or storage expenses with data filtering
  • Maintain 24/7 data collection capability 
  • Identify issues and manage risk in your information management policy, retention and network security
  • Eliminate the costs of collecting data offsite or at multiple locations
Web Collection

Web Collection

Web collection capabilities reduce your risk and litigation costs with a click of a mouse.

Our web collection platform allows multiple types of data to be safely and defensibly collected from a limitless number of custodians – right through your Internet browser. Plus, your data is fully encrypted and the chain of custody is preserved.

Why collect data defensibly via Web?

  • Allows companies to save time and money by remotely collecting relevant data without costs to install software or hardware
  • No interruption to the normal course of business
  • Integrates with the litigation hold process, reducing opportunities for release of inappropriate data
  • Works for companies of virtually any size
  • Collects data from social media and Webmail accounts 
  • Data is backed up using cloud-based servers 
Remote Collection Portables

Remote Collection Portables

Pre-programmed to save you time and money, our remote collection portables collect from multiple custodians at multiple locations, gathering electronically stored information (ESI) in a forensically sound and defensible manner. Remote collection portables allow filtering and culling to save time and money. 

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