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Agile Project Mindset Creates Unparalleled Response Times to Second Requests

The Challenge: A Fortune 500 company faced a Second Request with almost 2 million documents loaded into the review database. The objective was to identify and produce documents requested as quickly as possible in order to obtain regulatory approval for a merger. Timing was critical as each day’s delay cost the client significant additional revenue.

The Solution: Using agile business processes, the Legility attorney team, alongside the client’s supervising outside counsel, created and implemented an incremental attorney review process enhanced by a technology-assisted workflow. This process systematically identified those documents responsive to the Request and simultaneously reduced or eliminated the need to review the vast majority of documents collected.

For successful completion of a Second Request, there are two primary drivers:

  1. Speed. Legility’s attorney project manager, analytic and review experts worked with outside counsel to develop a technology-assisted review workflow that would significantly reduce the quantity of documents requiring review. Legility used a predictive coding tool to sample and distill a smaller universe of potentially responsive documents. The team reviewed and coded these documents for responsiveness, issues and privilege, as well as for necessary redactions, and performed internal quality assurance protocols prior to releasing these documents for supervising counsel’s review, confirmation and/or refinement in search protocols. The workflow between Legility attorney teams and outside counsel was continuous and allowed for real-time active feedback to the review and technology team to achieve maximum efficiency and completeness.
  2. Executing the federal agency’s technical requirements for producing a privilege log. Legility’s proprietary Privilege Log Editor System (PLES) allowed a small team to create a comprehensive and lengthy draft privilege log along with a detailed “names list” for outside counsel, saving weeks of time and costs for this otherwise manually intensive task.

Results: Through this sample, review, release and refine process to this data set, the Legility attorney team and outside counsel were able to limit the review to less than 240,000 of the almost 2 million documents available. This saved millions of dollars in attorney review time alone and, equally (if not more) important, saved substantial amounts of time in meeting the client’s objectives. All federal agency deadlines were met, and the agency closed the matter early and approved the merger.

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