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Our customized enterprise solutions and other litigation support services offer additional ways to meet all of your eDiscovery needs. Whether we’re creating proprietary software, leveraging a variety of other platforms, providing detailed reporting and thorough quality control, or just meeting tight deadlines, we make sure your eDiscovery needs are handled correctly and efficiently.

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Support Services:

  • Cross Matter Management 
  • Project Management Production Services 
  • Enterprise Training Solutions 
  • Managed Services 
  • Litigation Support: Document imaging, copying and backfile conversion
Cross Matter Management

Cross Matter Management

Legility Cross Matter Management streamlines the eDiscovery process and reduces costs by enabling you to reuse work product across multiple matters.

Here’s how it works: 

Your files are cross-referenced within our central evidence repository to determine if they have been previously collected, reviewed or processed. Documents are compared on a corporate or client level, rather than limiting comparisons to individual projects. Tags for privilege and confidentiality are stored and can be reused for subsequent cases, saving you time and money.

Project Management

Project Management

Your dedicated eDiscovery project manager always has your back. Our project management team is experienced in working with law firms, corporate counsel and litigation support departments in crafting comprehensive, customized management plans. 

To maximize efficiency, we set up an organized workflow that takes all aspects of the project into account: data, deadline, budget, roles and responsibilities, review requirements, production requirements, privacy requirements, document delivery formats, communication protocols and all other project considerations. 

Our full list of certifications include:


  • Cellebrite Mobile Forensics Fundamentals (CMFF)
  • Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator (CCLO)
  • Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA)
  • Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)
  • Encase Certified Examiner (EnCE)
  • Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist (SCERS)
  • Mobile Phone Seizure Certification (MPSC)
  • Certified Data Recovery Professional
  • Certified Computer Repair Technician
  • A+ Certified Computer Technician
  • CBE Certified Blackbag Examiner

Processing / Hosting

  • VenioOne Admin
  • Ipro Eclipse Admin
  • Ipro Allegro Admin
  • Ipro Premium Scan and eCapture Administrator
  • Clearwell Certified Administrator
  • Attenex Certified Administrator
  • Relativity Certified Administrator
  • Relativity Analytics Administrator
  • Relativity Review Specialist
  • Relativity Certified Expert
  • Autonomy IDOL Administrator
  • Summation Certified Trainer
  • Brainspace Certified User

Client Services

  • Catalyst Certified End-User
  • Catalyst Certified Administrator
  • Catalyst Certified Predict Specialist
  • VenioOne Certified Administrator
  • Certified Everlaw Expert
  • Relativity Certified Administrator
  • Relativity Certified User
  • Relativity Certified Sales Professional
  • Certified Legal Project Manager
  • Certified Ediscovery Specialist
Production Services

Production Services

Fulfilling production requirements – on budget and on time.

Legility can fully generate customized eDiscovery productions. Our data production team can output data into any combination of the below for delivery:

  • Native 
  • Metadata 
  • Text 
  • OCR 
  • Images 
  • PDFs with embedded, extracted text/OCR
  • TIFFs (either single-page or multi-page TIFF files with corresponding text) 

Legility exports to all accepted media formats, including:

  • CD 
  • DVD 
  • Internal hard drive 
  • External hard drive 
  • FTP site 
  • Any other requested method
Enterprise Training

Enterprise Training Solutions

Keep your data secure, accessible and manageable. Our team of eDiscovery experts performs a comprehensive evaluation of your environment, including:

Fact Finding

  • Legal hold: policy, implantation and tracking 
  • Backup, retention, archiving, information management and defensible deletion policy 
  • Collection policy and process Individual process analysis (collection, storage, review, etc.) 
  • Permissions, settings, and configurations for networks, email and devices
  • Regulatory processes and integration 
  • Documentation and training 


  • Spoliation 
  • Defensibility 
  • Potential weak areas (due to lack of training or understanding) 
  • Compliance 
  • Cost-effectiveness 


  • Detail areas of concern 
  • Overall case analysis 


  • Assistance with concern resolution
  • Cost savings development 
  • Process improvement
  • Policy creation
  • System tracking
Managed Services

Managed Services

For law firms, Legility offers the control and cost savings of an in-house electronic discovery department with the speed, efficiency, scalability and quality of a state-of-the-art dedicated eDiscovery company. Legility Managed Services – featuring Legility Eclipse in the Cloud – offers the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Managed Services:

  • Enhanced data security
    Sensitive information is protected with enterprise-level, system-wide security. Plus, powerful in-house eDiscovery technology gives greater control over how data is used and maintained.
  • Greater flexibility 
    With access to a suite of eDiscovery technologies, the tool can be finely matched to the project, leading to a more efficient, tailored process.
  • Faster results 
    Having enterprise-level eDiscovery technology in-house means results are delivered within short timeframes.
  • Up-to-date technology
    Continual access to the latest eDiscovery resources means having the fastest, highest quality results.
  • Access from anywhere 
    Our secure, user-friendly interface provides safe and quick access from any Internet connection.
  • Savings
    Avoid large capital outlays for eDiscovery tools – without sacrificing your control of the process or the reliability of results

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