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Whether you need copying, imaging, or backfile conversion, we have the fastest, most reliable equipment to get the job done right. We manage and complete projects of all sizes in-house while maintaining the strictest level of security and confidentiality.



Our team will get you what you need – and get it to you on time. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there is never a “rush” fee for expedited demands.

Photocopy services include:

  • Color and black & white copying, scanning and printing from digital files
  • Oversized document scanning, printing (color and black & white) and copying, including reduction and enlargement
  • Binding services, including GBC (comb), plasti-coil (spiral), velo (semi-permanent), and traditional 3-ring binders
  • Foam core board creation (trial exhibit boards)
  • Document/file endorsements (Bates labeling)

Media copying services include:

  • Duplication/conversion of videos, tapes, CDs and DVDs; cassette to CD conversion
  • Native data processing and conversion to PDF/TIFF
  • Create searchable text in PDF/TIFF formats (OCR)
  • PDF Bookmarking/Hyperlinking
  • Document coding, unitizing and load file creation for most review platforms or databases


Legility offers a variety of document and digital imaging services and can package data into almost any format. We can also create load files for most document management software. Our high-quality capture technology scans documents quickly and accurately with automated features like de-speckle and de-skew.

After scanning your project, our technicians inspect the images for clarity and accuracy. Then, we can either reassemble your documents the way that they arrived or have them securely shredded.

Services include:

  • Logical Document Determination (LDD)
  • Document coding (Identifying “fielded information” for search and retrieval)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)/Optical Word Recognition (OWR)
  • Bookmarking
  • Image endorsements (Bates numbering, confidential, other annotations)
  • Hyperlinks
  • Blowbacks (Physical copies of scanned images)
  • Media duplication
  • Data conversion
  • Technical support
Backfile Conversion

Backfile Conversion

Looking to go paperless to reduce risk and cost? We convert paper documents to electronic format.

A backfile conversion provides fast and easy access to documents that may be sitting in your office in filing cabinets, boxes or in a storage facility. Converting them to an electronic format saves time when you are looking for something specific and wouldn’t know where to start.


Advantages to Backfile Conversion

Electronic document archiving not only enables you to have easier access to your documents, but also saves you money and provides more peace of mind. Regulations, compliance and even company policies can dictate storing records for a specific period of time, but storing paper is expensive and can be risky. Unfortunately, floods, fires and other disasters do happen, and record management facilities are not immune. 

Legility backfile conversion will allow you to avoid this risk by storing your data on digital media, or in an easily accessible web-based document repository.

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