Your evidence is in good hands with Legility’s certified digital forensic technicians. Our team works with advanced tools to perform complete digital forensic investigations, full forensic imaging and in-depth analysis. 

Our secure Data Solutions Center enables our forensic team to quickly, securely recover and examine electronically stored information (ESI). Our forensic experts maintain comprehensive chain of custody records and provide detailed reports on every action taken, ensuring the evidence produced is validated and defensible. We are also available to testify to our findings in court or through prepared affidavits. 

Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

We trace digital footprints to help you answer the hardest questions, with digital forensic specialists on hand to consult and provide expert witness services.

Our team collects, processes and analyzes virtually any type of data, including:

  • Proprietary information
  • Search history
  • Metadata
  • Password-protected files
  • Corrupted files
  • Deleted files

Our digital forensic experts work with all digital devices to preserve the integrity of captured data, provide a documented path and create a comprehensive report for every investigation.

We offer expert witness and consulting services to corporations and law firms for ongoing data management, setting up technology environments, preparing data for cases, and more.

Forensic Consulting

Forensic Consulting

Legility’s forensic experts and eDiscovery consultants deliver tailored solutions for all your forensic needs, including:

  • Collection
  • Defensible deletion
  • Data preservation
  • Data management protocols
  • Technology options
  • Budgeting for collection, forensics and eDiscovery
Encryption & Password Cracking

Encryption & Password Cracking

Legility’s trained engineers use court-validated digital investigation platforms to analyze and decrypt locked or password-protected files on mobile devices, computers, tablets, email programs and more. With distributed processing machines and powerful engines, we can forensically access your data quickly and effectively.

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