Early Case Assessment

It’s like peeking behind the curtain before the show. Our Early Case Assessment (ECA) technology gives you detailed intelligence about your legal matter prior to filtering and review.

Our ECA technology helps you:

  • Gain valuable, in-depth information about your data
  • Make case-specific decisions regarding strategy and filtering to save time and money
  • Find out what keywords are effective to speed up the eDiscovery process, while ensuring defensibility
  • Determine if you need to recover lost files or crack password-protected files 
  • Reduce the number of documents that must be reviewed by attorneys, ultimately reducing the most expensive phase of eDiscovery
  • Access rich analytics and reports, helping you to make smarter decisions from the outset of your case

Legility Intake: ECA Tool

Reduce and predict your eDiscovery costs with Legility Intake, an Early Case Assessment tool that provides in-depth information about your data – and ensures complete data security – before eDiscovery processing starts. Legility Intake creates filters, manages workflows and forecasts costs, keeping your entire eDiscovery project on track and on budget. 

Initial Data Filtering

Save time, money, and energy with a customized data filtering strategy designed by our team of experts. Our approach eliminates nonresponsive material, identifies potentially privileged documents and maintains defensibility ultimately reducing the amount of nonresponsive material. With fewer documents to review, you’ll be able to save time and resources during critical early case processes.

We offer the following data filtering services:

  • System/program file removal
  • File type filtering
  • File category filtering
  • Date range filtering
  • Keyword and advanced filtering
  • Predictive coding and technology assisted review (TAR)
  • Removing files per National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Software Reference library (NSRL) databases

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