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Powerful technology and agile business approaches come together to develop powerful custom solutions for enterprise clients.

We are revolutionizing your enterprise legal data. From exploring metrics to reducing risks, we have the tools to tackle every data challenge. Our attorneys and technologists blend their talents to create truly disruptive answers to the biggest legal questions our clients face… challenges like rapid data growth, regulatory expansion, and privacy requirements.

Here are just a few of the highlights Legility’s Data Solutions provides:

  • Explore data metrics to understand and control legal spend
  • Consolidate your legal hold data to reduce risk 
  • Provide single-instance storage of legal data
  • Provide transparency into review metrics 
  • Prevent your legal process from creating additional data
    security and privacy risk 

What makes us agile enough to provide bespoke legal technology solutions? Not only do we have the best attorneys in the managed review and flexible lawyer arenas, but we also have data scientists with decades of industry leading knowledge and our own software development team for transforming vision into reality.

Whatever your legal business challenge, Legility can help.

Legal Hold Repository

Take the headache and risk out of managing your enterprise legal data

The data explosion of the last two decades presents ever-changing legal challenges for any business. The processes associated with eDiscovery are often the biggest weakness in corporate data security. How often do you send data to different outside counsel, who in turn may store the data internally or send it to a service provider? Third (or fourth) party risk is just one example of the challenges presented by common enterprise eDiscovery practices.  

Designed with big data in mind, Legility’s Legal Hold Repository (LHR) is an agile, powerful and innovative solution to enterprise Information Governance and eDiscovery challenges. Whether it’s currently on legal hold, or subject to litigation or regulatory inquiry, we collect your data and process it into our SOC2 secure environment. Your data is then de-duplicated for single-instance storage and run through specialized filtering algorithms to reduce your total data footprint and cost.

Check, search and select data you want to promote to review and analytics. Our process integrates cleanly with eDiscovery workflows so you don’t have to spend time and money reprocessing data for review.

Our solution is flexible enough to work with any of the review platforms we support, including Catalyst, Relativity, Everlaw and Venio. More importantly, as your data is reviewed, key attributes like privilege calls are maintained and fed back into the repository, making future reviews faster and less costly.

The data challenges faced by corporations today cannot be addressed solely by improving current processes or reducing fees on the same old way of doing things. It’s time for a revolution in enterprise eDiscovery and data management. That’s what Legility LHR is all about.


Companies today are increasingly turning to business intelligence to gain helpful insights into complex enterprise challenges. LegilityIQ puts the power of advanced legal business intelligence at your fingertips by using the wealth of the data you already have to track projects and help you make decisions in an insightful and nimble manner.

LegilityIQ puts all of your legal data metrics in in one place, available in real time on any device. All data and activities from involved partners are kept in a simple dashboard that generates reports with nuanced levels of detail, depending on what you need. It’s the ideal way to monitor who has done what, what they've spent, how it tracks against the original forecast, and what's left to do, all on one screen.


Legility IQ Infographic


Legility IQ graph 2


Legility IQ graph 3


You can also perform
deep dives into data

  • Spend by vendor or partner
  • Review efficiency and progress
  • Costs per doc or gigabyte
  • Average expansion rate for processing
  • Ingestion statistics by matter or globally
  • Richness and relevancy levels by custodian

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