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Regulatory & Compliance

The changes keep coming. Whether you’re addressing upcoming regulatory changes or looking back to ensure that your current business practices are compliant, we’re here to help.

Change is Here to Stay

Look to Legility to help you manage any regulatory and compliance issue, whether on a one-time basis or as part of your company’s regulatory fabric. Our consistent approach provides you the visibility you need to understand your path to compliance, and our methodology makes it easy to chart how we’ll get there. 

Visibility Through Dashboards

Metrics and analytics play a critical role in a world of change. We’ll help you track our progress with customized data points, and then fold them into clear, concise real-time dashboards as we chart the way to completion.

Expert Insights

We get our experts working on the details immediately. Having them in the weeds of design and execution ensures we hit the mark with the outcome, even as regulators put finishing touches on specifications.

Methodology and Project Management

Our experienced project managers and execution teams are accustomed to tweaking our proven methodologies to align with the specifics of the regulatory change and your preferred approach to solving it. Our approach includes a focus on continuous improvement, so expect things to get better with every cycle

Abstraction and Analysis

Our team utilizes market-leading technologies to facilitate the abstraction process. Working with our subject matter experts, we can get to the heart of the matter quickly to ensure we address your regulatory compliance needs.

Recent Regulatory and Compliance Areas of Focus

  • GDPR
  • Federal Anti-Kickback and Stark Compliance
  • ACS 842 Lease Accounting

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