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Our experts combine decades of legal experience with powerful new solutions – and they’re ready to jump in where you need them.

Legility Tools

Simplify your legal operations processes with systems designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Legility IQ

Legility IQ puts all of your legal data metrics in in one place, available in real time on any device. All data and activities from involved partners are kept in a simple dashboard that generates reports with nuanced levels of detail, depending on what you need. It’s the ideal way to monitor who has done what, what they've spent, how it tracks against the original forecast, and what's left to do, all on one screen.

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Legal Team Manager

Manage your legal teams more transparently and effectively with this task management and activity solution. It’s built for both legal departments and law firms, and scales to work with any size of team, from small departments to hundreds of attorneys.

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Contract Lifecycle Manager

This lightweight app supports the lifecycle management of contracts and can be set up in a matter of days. Our tool is much more robust than a spreadsheet, but also much more flexible and adaptable than most other CLM tools.  Easily linked to existing contract repositories, our clients often use this as a first step to get their team moving forward with centralized contract management.  

Contract Abstraction Manager

Support the rapid analysis of a large volume of contracts while maintaining consistency and quality. This approach makes data more usable, speeds up data extraction, and make analysis easier and faster.  

Legal Spend Analyzer

Quickly analyze legal vendor spending by integrating your LEDES-formatted billing information with standard ABA task and activity codes. This analyzer features pre-built dashboards and customizable visualizations, so it can be easily set up in a matter of hours.

Data Retention Tracker

Automatically manage your data images for vast numbers of custodians across overlapping legal holds with this solution. Many of our clients use it to define their data retention approach and to quickly and continuously identify information that can be safely deleted.  

Corporate Secretary Services Tracker

Optimize compliance activities for complex corporate structures with this solution, which systematically collects corporate information and uses it to identify and resolve gaps quickly and efficiently.

Legility Advisory Services

Tackle legal challenges more efficiently with our experts in your corner. Whether we’re designing processes, implementing technology solutions, or managing the flow of information through a legal department, our team finds innovative ways to make companies more effective at the tasks they’re already facing.

Strategic Planning

Now more than ever, the General Counsel is challenged to make the legal department an important partner to the business. We tackle this by determining where you need to land on the legal operations maturity model, then providing you with the tactical and strategic steps to get there.

Litigation and eDiscovery Support

We’ll work with you to optimize your processes and workflows, select the right technology for your needs, and create the metrics and reporting to track your progress.

Technology Roadmaps

The surge in legal technology solutions has made building cohesive ecosystems a more complex process. You need the right applications that work well together, now and in the future. We’ll help you to select and implement mission-critical legal technology solutions.

Data Analytics

Metrics and data are key to everything we do at Legility, making us a natural partner to assist in-house legal teams in defining key data points that reflect their most important metrics. We’re here to help you integrate this approach into our dashboards or your chosen third-party solutions to streamline your team’s operations.

Information Governance

Define how you manage Information Governance with data mapping and innovative data retention policies and tools.

Financial Management

Get insight on your company’s spending and frame outsourcing discussions by analyzing the connection between your legal functions and appropriate service providers.

Change Management

Picking the right tool or designing the perfect process is only the starting point. Navigating the change process and guiding your organization to successfully adopt and benefit from the change can be the tricky part. Our team has assisted in implementing many new processes and technologies, and has the expertise to help you successfully implement your change initiative.

Project Management

We’re experienced in working with clients on all kinds of projects, from litigation and compliance to process improvement and technology implementations. By working with our project managers, you’ll get expert insights to define the right approach and lead multidisciplinary teams to a successful outcome.

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