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Enterprise Legal Solutions

Deal Support

We support deal flow and streamline post-closing business integration by translating separate source documents into reusable, actionable data – making due diligence interactive in real time.

A better way to make your due diligence flow

Leverage our M&A experts, process and technology to make your due diligence flow. Our approach opens up the process and exposes key data points on a prioritized basis, helping you to understand facts sooner and influence key deal decision points before it’s too late.

Better still, our team can ensure that your carefully curated data is automatically translated into your ongoing operational environment. If you don’t have one of those, we can help with that, too.

Value Adds Flowing From the Way We Work

Value Adds Flowing
From the Way We Work

Automate and track activities with advanced tools, processes and data analytics. Real-time access to results reduces underlying deal risks and facilitates project completion and post-closing activities.

Better, Faster...

Better, Faster...

Quickly identify key deal points and speed up processes with expert advice, refined methodology and use of tools.



Save 50%+ by leveraging our specialists, methodology and toolset.

The Legility Advantage

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Knowledge Build

Draft strategy, priorities, key deal points and communications workflow. Understand cost. Land a budget. Flex deep domain expertise to layout workflow, determine use of tools and automation, and develop actionable data fields and summaries.

Data Translation

Due Diligence documents are translated into actionable data. Built-in QA and real-time reporting with pre-defined escalations.

Data Visibility

Real-time data points on progress and key deal points along with pre-agreed due diligence reports and post-closing playbook.

Post-Deal Leverage

Work through post-closing playbook and transport actionable data directly into your operational systems. Engage our professionals to action post-closing business drivers.

Case Studies

Deal Support for Buyers

The Challenge: An industry-leading corporation conducting multiple acquisitions each year of smaller peer businesses sought to improve its due diligence process by:

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