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If you handle a high volume of contracts, Legility can help you outsource drafting, negotiating, and CMS implementation. Reduce costs and save time with a customized workflow, powerful technology, and on-demand staffing.

Here’s Why Legility is the Right Partner:

Reduce Spending

Shortened cycle time and reduced attorney rates drive down total cost.

Quicker to Revenue

Pre-defined workflows and playbooks streamline the process, empowering you to execute the agreements at the right time for your business.

Visibility Through Dashboards

View the status of all activities at any time with real-time dashboards that track all relevant data points.

Consistency of Work Product

Ensure that all contracts are within your business guidelines, thanks to predefined deal criteria and escalation built into your workflow.

Best Use of Resources

Allow both in-house and outside counsel to address more strategic, higher-value topics by reducing the number of contracts they work on.

Reduce Institutional Risk

Eliminate corporate risks by adhering to defined standards and building in redundancies to prevent single points of failure.

Contracts — A better way

Design Phase

Develop the playbook, design workflow and process, define key data points, and agree on operational integration.

Initiation &
Intake Process

Intake or origination of contract, qualification and assignment of requests.

Review &
Negotiation Phase

Execution on negotiation activities based on pre-defined playbook. Handshake with in-house legal.


Leverage technology for abstraction of contract key data points and integration into repository.
Opportunities for iterative learning and refinement of the overall process flow.


Areas of Experience

  • Vendor contracts
  • Service contracts
  • Healthcare Provider and Physician contracts
  • Property / Facilities Management agreements
  • Real Estate contracts and leases
  • Technology / Data Security contracts
  • Purchase and Sale agreements
  • Securities Documents
  • Intellectual Property contracts and licenses
  • Construction contracts
  • Marketing contracts
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

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