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Company Directory

Terry Barnett Terry Barnett Project Manager (615) 467-2388 Nashville, TN Email
Kaley Bell Kaley Bell Talent Manager (469) 214-7347 Nashville, TN Email
Michael Blaes Michael Blaes Discovery Consultant (615) 255-5343 Minneapolis, MN Email
Andy Branham Andy Branham Executive Director (901) 726-3478 Memphis, TN Email
Pam Branham Pam Branham Talent Manager (901) 614-4538 Memphis, TN Email
Sherry Brooks Sherry Brooks Client Management Director (901) 614-2543 Memphis, TN Email
Trey Brown Trey Brown Senior Discovery Consultant (615) 255-5343 Dallas, TX Email
John Burchfield John Burchfield Data Solutions (615) 499-7105 Nashville, TN Email
Ursula Cambeiro Ursula Cambeiro Senior eDiscovery Project Manager (469) 284-5083 New York City, NY Email
Tracy Dalton Tracy Dalton Executive Director (469) 242-0876 Dallas, TX Email
Barry Dark Barry Dark Chief Executive Officer (615) 635-0103 Nashville, TN Email
AlJuan Dye AlJuan Dye Client Connections Representative (615) 255-5343 Nashville, TN Email
Paul Featherly Paul Featherly Senior eDiscovery Project Manager (214) 704-0449 Dallas, TX Email
Celeste Flippen Celeste Flippen Client Management Director (469) 242-0877 Dallas, TX Email
Tiffany Fox Tiffany Fox Senior eDiscovery Project Manager (615) 499-7120 Nashville, TN Email
Michael Gillespie Michael Gillespie Project Manager (615) 610-9198 Nashville, TN Email
Diane Gwin Diane Gwin Talent Manager (617) 207-6976 Boston, MA Email
Laura Hale Laura Hale Senior eDiscovery Project Manager (629) 255-0249 Nashville, TN Email
Tyler Haney Tyler Haney Discovery Consultant (615) 255-5343 Cincinnati, OH Email
Mark Herrod Mark Harrod Account Manager (615) 499-7111 Nashville, TN Email
Scott Heminway Scott Heminway Discovery Consultant (615) 499-7117 Nashville, TN Email
Armando Hernandez Armando Hernandez Senior eDiscovery Project Manager (602) 558-2147 Phoenix, AZ Email
Barbara Higgins Barbara Higgins Talent Manager (615) 635-0109 Nashville, TN Email
Louis Hill Louis Hill Talent Manager (469) 575-3188 Dallas, TX Email
Blake Howell Blake Howell Talent Manager (615) 345-7514 Nashville, TN Email
Ben Humphreys Client Support Representative (615) 255-5343 Nashville, TN Email
Chris Imler Chris Imler Forensics Manager (615) 255-5343 Nashville, TN Email
Jennifer Jackson Jennifer Jackson Hosted Solutions Manager (615) 255-5343 Washington, DC Email
Tasha James Tasha James Project Manager (469) 214-4853 Dallas, TX Email
Ronnie Johnson Ronnie Johnson Operations Manager (615) 499-7118 Nashville, TN Email
Porche Jones Porche Jones Talent Manager (615) 469-4632 Houston, TX Email
Cherisse Lake Cherisse Lake Business Development Director (615) 434-2173 Chicago, IL Email
Shana Laster Shana Laster Talent Manager (404) 591-5839 Atlanta, GA Email
Lisa Lemke Lisa Lemke Talent (404) 477-5055 Atlanta, GA Email
Kimberly Lerman Kimberly Lerman Talent Manager (404) 591-5833 Atlanta, GA Email
Austin Maddox Austin Maddox Senior Discovery Consultant (615) 499-7107 Nashville, TN Email
Mona Maerz Mona Maerz General Counsel (615) 635-0128 Nashville, TN Email
Dennis McKinnie Dennis McKinnie Executive Director (615) 467-2388 Bentonville, AR Email
Dan Mink Dan Mink Hosted Solutions Manager (615) 255-5343 Philadelphia, PA Email
Mike Murphy Mike Murphy Business Development (615) 635-0119 Birmingham, AL Email
Natasha Murphy Natasha Murphy eDiscovery Project Manager (615) 255-5343 Miami, FL Email
Angela Newberry Angela Newberry eDiscovery Project Manager (615) 255-5343 Nashville, TN Email
Stefanie Novak Stefanie Novak Sales Engineer (615) 255-5343 Minneapolis, MN Email
Jenny O'Brien Jenny O'Brien Operations Director (404) 477-5041 Atlanta, GA Email
Gretchen Pharis Gretchen Pharis Business Development Director (479) 286-1176 Bentonville, AR Email
Nicole Pierce Nicole Pierce Business Development Director (404) 591-5843 Atlanta, GA Email
Dan Robinson Dan Robinson Discovery Consultant (615) 255-5343 Houston, TX Email
Effie Sahihi Effie Sahihi Project Manager (615) 610-9199 Nashville, TN Email
Jennifer Schaefer eDiscovery Project Manager (972) 989-5360 Dallas, TX Email
Eric Schultenover Eric Schultenover Enterprise Legal Solutions (615) 345-7506 Nashville, TN Email
Jonathan Sharpley Jonathan Sharpley Senior Solutions Architect (706) 340-8541 Atlanta, GA Email
Jolynn Siu Jolynn Siu eDiscovery Project Manager (206) 786-3438 Seattle, WA Email
Eric Stansell Eric Stansell Project Manager (615) 610-9197 Nashville, TN Email
Jon Stephens Jon Stephens Operations (Data Solutions) (615) 255-5343 Nashville, TN Email
Jeff Stoneking Jeff Stoneking Senior Discovery Consultant (615) 499-7106 Nashville, TN Email
Richard Stout Richard Stout Managed Review (615) 345-7507 Nashville, TN Email
Ellen Taylor Ellen Taylor Talent Manager (404) 591-5841 Atlanta, GA Email
Tauleece Thomas Tauleece Thomas eDiscovery Project Manager (615) 255-5343 Nashville, TN Email
Ron Tienzo Ron Tienzo Senior Consultant, Search & Analytics (615) 255-5343 Knoxville, TN Email
Mark Walker Mark Walker Senior Solutions Architect (928) 899-8740 Dallas, TX Email
Will Ward Will Ward Discovery Consultant (470) 509-3998 Atlanta, GA Email
Alison Watts Alison Watts Chief Financial Officer (615) 635-0112 Nashville, TN Email
David Wesch David Wesch Information Governance Manager (629) 255-0217 Nashville, TN Email
Barry Willms Barry Willms Project Management Director (615) 635-0123 Nashville, TN Email
Steve Wilson Steve Wilson eDiscovery Project Manager (615) 499-7108 Nashville, TN Email
Patty Wise Patty Wise Flexible Talent (615) 345-7508 Nashville, TN Email
Anthony Wright Anthony Wright Analytics Manager (615) 255-5343 Nashville, TN Email