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Legility is seeking a Forensic Tech II. The primary role of the Forensic Tech II is to provide certified expertise in data collection, data analysis, reporting and testimony. This also includes consulting with clients to provide solutions to a wide variety of technical questions; educating prospective clients as to our forensic capabilities and recommendations in sales calls; creating internal processes and documents for our team; assisting other team members when technical issues arise; and training other team members in forensics theory and processes.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collects data, either remote, in lab or on-site with travel
  • Examines media and reports results to clients with testimony if required
  • Speaks with clients (or prospective clients) and Legility Sales and Program Management teams to advise best solutions to challenges regarding data collection and analysis
  • Creates and enhances internal forensics processes and methodologies with documentation
  • Stays current with technologies and forensic methods via self-driven learning and research, including keeping up-to-date with forensic certifications
  • Trains and mentors forensic team members
  • Project documentation and billing  

Other Relevant Background Information:

The Forensic Tech is highly exposed to confidential, privileged and personal client information. This position will have access to original devices and collections of devices including but not limited to: hard drives, phones, tablets, desktops, laptops and servers. This position will often perform deep dives into devices during forensic examinations. There is a high degree of independence during examinations, client consultations and collections. All forensically sound methodologies are available and acceptable for use on a collection. Output must meet the policies and standards developed for the Forensic Department. The Forensic Tech II has a very high degree of outside communication, such as participating in technical sales calls, consultations with clients prior to collection and analysis projects. This individual needs to possess and maintain Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) certification, as well as one other software specific certifications, such as EnCE, ACE, Cellebrite, etc.

Job Qualifications and Technical Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT, Information Systems or Forensics
  • 2 – 3 years’ experience with Computer Forensic Analysis
  • CCE plus one software-based certification (including but not limited to: EnCE, ACE, and CCME)

Critical Role Competencies:

  • Experience with multiple operating systems including Windows, OS X, Android and iOS
  • Data Recovery: deleted, corrupted or encrypted data
  • Ability to performing secure, defensible deletions     
  • Experience with file system and data management forensics
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills along with technical writing experience
  • Expert testimony experience (affidavits, expert reports, trial testimony)
  • Use of MS Excel, Word and other Office apps
  • Detail and quality oriented
  • Able to complete Forensic Analysis of data and complete necessary expert testimony including but not limited to drafting affidavits, depositions and court testimony
  • Able to troubleshoot and provide creative solutions to challenging situations
  • High availability
  • Able to manage and prioritize requests with minimal wasted effort, while seeking to improve efficiency.
  • Continuously mentor and train team members, sharing core competency knowledge. 
  • Continue to learn new skills to meet the demands of the business.
  • Expert in imaging, data extraction and analysis using industry standard computer forensics technology, such as EnCase, Forensic Toolkit and Cellebrite UFED
  • Experience with any of the following systems is a plus: Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 Exchange, Google Vault, email archive platforms such as Enterprise Vault and document management systems.

Qualified candidates who meet all of these requirements should submit resumes to

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